ABOUT Compatriot handcrafts the finest freeride snowboards available. These boards are built in very limited quantities and tested by actual snowboarders in the mountains, not just in a factory. When Kelly D. Williams created this company in 2003, he set out with the intention of making the best snowboard for those who love the mountains, allowing you to excel in all environments. Owning one is a perfect manifestation of an understood love for snowboarding.

We are not only a brand, but an organization that is devoted to snowboarders, skateboarders, outdoorsmen, and artists. Those who ride our boards are unique individuals: they are committed riders who believe that snowboarding is an enigmatic expression of soulful struggle and elegant aggression.

This organization is based on its people. We are not interested in capitalizing on the recent exploitation that snowboarding has received through the media, because snowboarding is not a fashion show. It is a way of life for many of us. Riding is personal, and the snowboard company you support should be, too.

The word compatriot signifies a valiant loyalty to the cause.
We Are Compatriot.