This Week in The Tetons

Kevin Jones Self PortraitRob Kingwill Self Portrait

Kinger and Kevin have already been busy on the Teton Pass for the season. Check out their self portraits above for proof of the pillaging. Snowboard Mag covers the feature in full detail, but to give you an idea of what’s already going down,  “This week has been beyond epic in the Tetons. A 41″ storm slammed the range Sunday through Tuesday, instantly blanketing ground that had been warm and bare till now. Rock stix are out mobbing pow en force, but the storm came in heavy and left light, making shredding feel surprisingly safe if you are on your game. Since lifts at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee are not yet firing, Teton Pass is the quick and easy fix for the addiction. Yesterday, we met up with Compatriot riders Rob Kingwill and Kevin Jones for a lap that would be amazing at anytime of the season – not to mention before Halloween.” (Source:

Kevin Jones Discusses His New Pro Model on recently interviewed Kevin Jones about his quiver. Everything from his first pro model with Lamar to his current battle axe, the KJ 159. Click here for the full conversation.

Kelly Williams & Dave Ortiz in NYC

Dave Ortiz was the brilliant mind behind one of New York’s finest skate shops, Dave’s Quality Meat.  Compatriot organizer Kelly D. Williams and David talk about some of the even-more-exciting projects that will soon be announced from Camp David.

Last Ride Up

Headlights turn into red lights on the Teton Pass. Photo by Rob Kingwill

Transworld 2011 Buyers Guide

Featuring the Kevin Jones 159cm, the Falcon 160cm, the RK Valkyrie 154.5, and The Commissioner 169, the Transworld 2011 Buyers Guide is packed full of eye candy for new gear fiends. Compatriot emerged from the shadows of the corporate tyrant with a single objective: To handcraft the most durable high performance snowboards designed for team riders Kevin Jones, Rob Kingwill, Robbie Sell and other shredders who love the mountains and want to excel in all terrain. We believe that riding is an enigmatic expression of soulful struggle and elegant aggression. Snowboarding is personal, and the snowboard company you support should be, too.

Rob Kingwill @ King Of The Hill

“Like a fly clinging to a wall, Rob Kingwill tiptoes his way down a near-vertical spine with serious exposure to the rider’s left side. Kingwill has been visiting Alaska annually for years and has the experience and confidence to step to lines others only dream of. Kinger took second in King Of The Hill by shredding technical lines fast and with a lot of fluidity. [In the photograph on the right,] Kingwill opens it up and points it through the last half of his line.” – ESPN, Photographs by Jeff Hawe

Indisputable: Kevin Jones

Spending a day with Kevin Jones is like spending a day with your favorite star… but without all of the pretentiousness. This is not just one of those “remember when?” blog posts, this is simply a sonnet to one of the best snowboarders in the world. Can you count how many X games medals KJ has earned? (Not won, but earned).  What about Snowboarder Magazine Rider of The Year Awards? Count them, Mr. Texas Instrument.

“When Jussi Oksanen said of Kevin Jones, “The bastard can do everything too good!” he was speaking the truth. Heavy praise considering Jussi’s status among our sport’s elite. Yet this view of Jones is nothing new. Since the inception of the SNOWBOARDER Magazine Rider of the Year Issue we have conceptualized and evaluated our sport’s top athletes in every conceivable way. Yet no matter the criteria,jury or circumstance one rider has remained atop the heap, and that rider hasb een Kevin Jones. What has really kept Kevin in the number one position for three years straight is his uncanny ability to balance major film coverage with major contest success. Earning the highly coveted lead in part in a Mack Dawgs film is no small task and one which many riders drop everything else to attain. Yet on top of his Stand and Deliver opening segment Kevin appears with minor sections in Optigrab and the highly acclaimed True Life. This filming regimen is complimented with stellar wins at the Sims Worlds and X-Games. Of note is the fact that Kevin won the only two major jib contests on the circuit, The Sims Worlds and Nixon Jibfest. What makes these wins considerably more substantial is the fact that both events were peer judged with riders like Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones, and J.P. Walker enjoying the role of the “peer.” Yet for them to truly be Kevin’s peer wouldn’t they have to have spent nearly a third of a decade as the SNOWBOARDER Magazine Rider Of the Year?” — Snowboarder Magazine

Rob Kingwill Valkyrie

Here is a sneak-peek at the 2010/2011 Rob Kingwill Valkyrie pro model. It is shown above displayed with some of his original art for a recent exhibit in Jackson Hole. And here’s a walk down Mammary Lane 2005.

Sell Speaks

Robbie Sell sat down on the Buoloco throne a while ago and discussed his disgust with how disgusting Compatriot is. He also talked about who the all-time best snowboarders are, his photography, and why he can’t sit still for five minutes. We love Roberto…