Compatriot In Snowboarder Mag Buyers Guide

The Compatriot quiver was recently featured in the 2011 Snowboarder Magazine Buyers Guide. Snowboarding is personal, and the snowboard company you support should be, too. Click above for more information or to locate a dealer.

Transworld 2011 Buyers Guide

Featuring the Kevin Jones 159cm, the Falcon 160cm, the RK Valkyrie 154.5, and The Commissioner 169, the Transworld 2011 Buyers Guide is packed full of eye candy for new gear fiends. Compatriot emerged from the shadows of the corporate tyrant with a single objective: To handcraft the most durable high performance snowboards designed for team riders Kevin Jones, Rob Kingwill, Robbie Sell and other shredders who love the mountains and want to excel in all terrain. We believe that riding is an enigmatic expression of soulful struggle and elegant aggression. Snowboarding is personal, and the snowboard company you support should be, too.

Rob Kingwill Valkyrie

Here is a sneak-peek at the 2010/2011 Rob Kingwill Valkyrie pro model. It is shown above displayed with some of his original art for a recent exhibit in Jackson Hole. And here’s a walk down Mammary Lane 2005.

ESPN: Kevin Jones And Rob Kingwill Are Compatriots

You know how sometimes certain phrases bug the poop out of you? “Action Sports” is one of those phrases. Somewhere along the short timeline of snowboarding becoming very well acquainted with big business, a few dudes in a meeting decided that it should be considered an action sport since it couldn’t fit into the widely accepted classification of other team athletics. Either way, we are really stoked that ESPN featured this rad story on Compatriot Snowboards and our team captains Kevin Jones and Rob Kingwill. Read more…

We’ll Let Kevin Jones and Rob Kingwill Explain

Transworld Business ran this interview a while back, and I think we forgot to put it up on our blog, so here you go. With more passion than Chazz Michael Michaels, these dudes are committed to snowboarding.

Rob Kingwill introduces the brand nicely, “Compatriot was originally launched about seven years ago by an artist friend of mine, Kelly D. Williams. I rode for Arbor at the time, but I really loved the ethos and the idea behind the name Compatriot- how we are all united through snowboarding, and secretly wished I could be involved. Time went on, and Kelly had to put the brand on hold for a couple of years.  He approached me last fall saying that he had found an investor named Rick Hansen, was re-launching the brand, and wanted me to be a part of the team.

“I felt it was time I invested in something that I could really believe in and be able to have a real impact in directing the brand. Kelly asked me if I knew anyone else that might want to be a member of our crew.  As a long shot, I suggested the idea to Kevin Jones.  He sounded like he was tired of getting the run around in the industry, and I thought I would just throw it out there. Kev said yes, and thus the new Compatriot was born…”