Alaskan Thunder.

The Kinger has landed in Alaska and he is out for blood – Snow Blood! Good times in the Great White North. Tailgate Alaska is not for the faint of heart. Mind Surf these waves, homeys.

Gonna need a ghetto bird like this to get to the goods quickly.

Yep, the goods. Such great heights. Which line would you pick?

This is Kinger’s line down. Looks fun, huh?

Kinger drops a Mercedes Ad?!?!?

“The following video was made with professionals on a closed course. It is dangerous and should not be attempted,” states this Compatriot Snowboards, err, Mercedes commercial? Watch Rob Kingwill get barreled, throw methods, slashes, all on his Valkyrie 158, all in a Mercedes Commercial?

Heck yeah, Rob. Get some. Everybody go out and shred. And get some.

compatriot 2012/2013 sneak peek.

We’ve teamed up with to give you an exclusive look at our Winter 2012-13 snowboard and apparel line. Head over to check out all of our products dropping this winter. Be sure to rate the entire line for your chance to win a free Compatriot prize pack!

first tracks with rob kingwill.

Kinger is ready for Jackson Hole opening day. Frankenstorm is about to drop 6 foot on West Virginia?!? Tahoe got a 3 foot dump and Squaw Valley opened for a total of 4 hours last thursday. 4 resorts are open across North America, a ton more in Europe and I think 1 is still holding on in the southern hemisphere (New Zealand). Are you ready to shred? Well, Rob Kingwill isn’t waiting anymore. We’ve got the evidence below.


Compatriot contributor Jari Salo & Friends just released this inspiring little video, “a noncommercial lo-fi snowboarding/skateboarding movie… Most of the footage is shot by riders with compact cameras without opening bindings.” Check the video here.

Olliepop Films Hits The Northern Hemi

Mat Galina and crew have been busy filming for the latest Olliepop flick called Outreach Reachout, which is not only an amazing snowboard video but also serves as a catalyst for raising funds for Leukemia patients and research. The film was shot around the globe in areas like the Czech Republic, Austria, Whistler, Nelson, Big White, and the Australian resorts of Falls Creek, Mount Baw Baw & Mount Buller. You can check the full video here.

Get Ready To Get Some

Here are some more images from the archives. Just a little something to keep you stoked until you make it to the mountains. Mike Mahron tweaks while the JHMR Tram creaks. Be sure to join our Facebook Community for updates from the team.

Make Kinger Your Desktop

Mr. Rob Kingwill has a cameo appearance on the new Wallpaper images provided by the fine folks at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Click here to download and save these photos as your background image. He doesn’t do table dancing, but works great for your desktop.

Jackson Hole Stash Park Returns

Here is a rad little edit from the archives: The Stash Park at Jackson Hole featuring Compatriot Mike Mahron. Enjoy!

Sayonara, Summer

Photo courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort