KJ La Mosca 149cm


Kevin Jones rides damned hard.  In a single day of shred he is known to straight-line some terrifying chutes, navigate a tree jib the height of a gymnasium, drop a stocky cliff, and somehow hit every kicker in the park. So he obviously needs a diverse snowboard that can jib, jump, and hold a rail at high speeds in the Chugach. The La Mosca, designed by KJ, is a great all-mountain board for the discerning snowboard aficionado. The 149 comes ready to shred with our amazing FlatCamber tech.  Artwork by Distrikt. Tech geeks click here for features.

- Available Lengths: 149cm, 159cm
- Waist Width: 24.8cm
- Sidecut Rad: 7.6 m
- Aggression Index: 6
- Kevin Jones Signature Model
- Knuckle Sandwich Sintered UHMW Sidewall Construction
- CFX91 Carbon Fiber Stringers
- Cowboy Core Full Wood Core
- FlatCamber technology
- VerGlass Complex Weave Fiberglass
- Built To Last, Designed In Jackson Hole