The Movement 157cm Directional Twin


Simplicity in design and construction make this board a team favorite. The Movement is the culmination of several years of snowboard design, development, and product testing. While other companies are trying to hype up reverse camber construction, Compatriot stays true to our number one priority: performance. Enter EN7 Positive Camber, the ultimate in classic energy-responsive camber construction. Ride faster, ride harder, and experience the essence of snowboarding: the turn. Employing our proprietary CFX91 carbon fiber backbone and Knuckle Sandwich Sintered Sidewalls, this board has a smooth flex pattern that is stiff enough for Killington park and pipe missions, yet allows the perfect amount of freedom/flex in the right places for when you want to throw a few slashers into the trees. The artwork is based on futurist forbearer Fortunato Depero’s visionary design. Centered stance option and lightweight Cowboy Core construction. Artwork by The MVA. Tech geeks click here for features.

- Length: 157cm
- Waist Width: 25.4cm
- Sidecut Radius: 7.6m
- Aggression Index: 7/10
- Knuckle Sandwich Sintered UHMW Sidewalls
- Cowboy Core Full Wood Core
- Lightweight Construction
- VerGlass Complex Weave Fiberglass
- EN7 Energy Response Camber System
- CFX91 Carbon Fiber Stringers
- Built To Last, Designed In Jackson Hole