Compatriot’s philosophy is that there is wisdom in classic snowboard construction. We try to maintain a perfect balance of advanced technology and time-proven construction methods. Compatriot Snowboards are constructed one by one using top-shelf materials and are designed to withstand abuse, performing unlike any other snowboard.

WHAT OTHER BRANDS USE: Crappy wood, sometimes even foam or inferior synthetic materials.

WHAT WE USE: Cowboy Core™ – The Cowboy Core is a multidensity, full wood core that has been custom milled to be lightweight, strong, and stay consistently snappy in all the right places. With different densities in key areas (such as under the bindings), this core will respond with precision. Do you like light snowboards? So do we. To address this, we use a complex UV Process to extract moisture content from the wood prior to pressing the board. This is a longer process, but helps the core to remain noticeably light, avoid warpage, and maintain memory. Hence the bold declaration “Wood Goodness.”

WHAT OTHER BRANDS USE: ABS or other rigid plastics.

WHAT WE USE: Knuckle Sandwich™ Sintered UHMW P-Tex Sidewalls. Sintered UHMW P-Tex is an excellent sidewall material that dampens the feel of the snowboard and preserves bomber edge hold at high speeds. Demand the high-quality and ease of repair that only sintered p-tex sidewalls can provide.

WHAT OTHER BRANDS USE: Either nothing or occasionally they will use poorly-placed strips of low-grade carbon fiber tape somewhere in the board to make it seem techy.

WHAT WE USE: Well, we’d love to be able to tell you but we can’t. It’s that good. Let’s just say that it is called CFX91 and it friggin rules.

WHAT OTHER BRANDS USE: Economy plastics from overseas.

WHAT WE USE: In 2006, Compatriot unveiled is new EN7™ Topsheet. EN7 is a simple material that has radical properties. It is a new take on what most snowboards used back in the glory days of shredding. This material helps transfer energy from carve to carve, and is very aesthetic.


WHAT WE USE: VDS Anti-Chatter Dampening System™, a proprietary blend of rubber/urethane enhanced foils specially designed to reduce that uncomfortable choppy feel at high speeds. So go faster!

WHAT OTHER BRANDS USE: “Vacuum presses”, cheap 360° cap construction, or unorganized sandwich compression. We hate cap construction.

WHAT WE USE: AT5 Torsion Box™ System – This is the essence of the Compatriot Handcrafted Construction. A solid, durable torsion box system that performs and lasts. Hence the bold declaration, “Wood Goodness.”

WHAT OTHER BRANDS USE: Low-grade plastics, usually soft extruded bases with poor wax retention.

WHAT WE USE: Only the best, of course. All Compatriot snowboards feature the infamous DuraSurf™ 4000 base. This material is extremely hard, fast, and retains wax better then any other base material on the market. We die cut some of our base graphics for optimum performance and sharp aesthetic value. Other models have a sexy sublimated graphic.

WHAT OTHER BRANDS USE: Other brands have successfully brainwashed many snowboarders into thinking that reverse camber is a new technology that will help them ride better. This may be true for riders who spend the majority of their time side-slipping thru the park and also true for riders who only ride in 36 inches of fresh snow all day every season, but that’s why we created HellBent and put it on the Commissioner 169 which is the ultimate pow slayer. See, we thunk of everything.

WHAT WE USE: It’s like what Louis Armstrong said about Jazz, “Man, if you have to ask… you’ll never know.” Proper camber is king.  Our boards have two variations of camber: ManCamber, designed to give you mad pop and insane edge hold, and FlatCamber, designed flatter for easier pressing on rails and a slightly looser feel on the take off of kickers.