Dos Hombres : With Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones rides damned hard and has for years. His new part in “Dos Hombres” is testament to that. Thanks for keeping up inspired, Kevin. Checkout KJ’s board this year by clicking here.

Kevin Jones on ESPN

Mr. Jones sat down with the camera at ESPN to discuss Jackson Hole, powder, Bluebird Wax and bluebird days. Enjoy.

Bluebird Presents “Dobre Hombres”

There is nothing better than snowboarding in the Tetons with good friends on a bluebird day. That is exactly why we are so fond of anything Bluebird puts on film: they seem to capture real-life snowboarding in a way that makes you say “now that’s why I snowboard.” This is also exactly why you are going to get off your fat hippy arse and purchase a copy of their latest flick Dobre Hombres. And we’re not just saying that because Kevin Jones has a friggin amazing part in it. Buy the video. Right now.