tim cowie

Big Sky, Montana and big mountain badass, Tim Cowie will now be flying the Compatriot freak flag for us in Montana. Awesome, Tim. Welcome to the team. Look for Tim at Big Sky or the North Face Masters this winter.

powder dreams

Is it winter yet? In this episode of The Kingdom, Mr. Rob Kingwill and Mr. Mike Basich get down in a rad edit from tailgate Alaska.

valkyrie exposed.

Rob creates the graphics for his Compatriot Valkyrie right before your very eyes. From his house to riding it on fresh powder. Rob shows you how to get it done. That’s 40 hours of footage compressed into 3 minutes. Whew.

compatriot 2012/2013 sneak peek.

We’ve teamed up with Krush.com to give you an exclusive look at our Winter 2012-13 snowboard and apparel line. Head over to check out all of our products dropping this winter. Be sure to rate the entire line for your chance to win a free Compatriot prize pack!

first tracks with rob kingwill.

Kinger is ready for Jackson Hole opening day. Frankenstorm is about to drop 6 foot on West Virginia?!? Tahoe got a 3 foot dump and Squaw Valley opened for a total of 4 hours last thursday. 4 resorts are open across North America, a ton more in Europe and I think 1 is still holding on in the southern hemisphere (New Zealand). Are you ready to shred? Well, Rob Kingwill isn’t waiting anymore. We’ve got the evidence below.

Fall Update : Harry Kearney


It’s been a long, hot summer, friends. But the end is near (grab a beer!). Winter will soon be here. Compatriot Harry Kearney has been maximizing the long days and getting ready for winter. He sent over this photo from Red Mountain Pass from this past spring and had this to say, “So the snow was horrendous at that time in spring, massive dry spell, so we were trying to get creative and went and shot at night. Everything about it was sketchy but the method felt right. Its up on Red Mountain Pass. Fun time. Its been a summer of Sabbath for me man!

Harry Kearney’s Top 3 Albums of Summer ’12:

1. Black Sabbath: Vol. 4
2. T.S.O.L: Change Today?
3. Pantera: The Great Southern Trendkill
If Pantera can’t alert the snow gods, than nothing will.

Ride with us

Bryce Yamasaki rode all season strong on a 158 Rob Kingwill Valkyrie getting first place in Mt Hood Bone Zone Banked Slalom and a rad feature in the current issue of Shred NW Magazine. Do you need more power and camber out of your board like Bryce? Tired of whack and trendy technology that does nothing to little for your riding? Ride with us. Thanks, Bryce.

all in the famdamly trailer

ALL In The FAMdamly is coming Fall 2012. Rob Kingwill has a section. It kills! It’s summertime and the living is easy. It might be hot out, but there is snow somewhere.

going bonkers

More from Kingwill and his epicly good times at Tailgate Alaska. The photo of Rob and Mikey Basich pretty much sums it up. Smiles all around, with good friends. Thinking of going next year? You should. Resorts in Alaska, The Northwest and California are still open. Get out before it all flows into the streams.

the season is not over with: harry kearney

Harry Kearney just in from the last month of getting buck in the white room and grocery shopping with the mini cart. Slushy snow and sun might be the call now or heading to Hawaii or Mexico to stick your feet in the sand. I think Harry will just be skateboarding and listening to metal. Probably the new High on Fire album. Harry, what’s the call?