Kevin Jones 2011/2012

We literally can’t keep up with all of the coverage Kevin Jones has been getting. From recent ESPN features to rumors of the insanity that will be his TB20 video part. Kevin is straight up slaying. That’s what happens when you love snowboarding as much as he does. Photos courtesy of Standard Films and Jeff Curley. Above is a sneak peek at his 2011/2012 pro model, so stay tuned…

ESPN: Tailgate Alaska 2011

Rob Kingwill and friends discuss snowboarding in Alaska and the infamous King Of The Hill Competition.

Kevin Jones on ESPN

Mr. Jones sat down with the camera at ESPN to discuss Jackson Hole, powder, Bluebird Wax and bluebird days. Enjoy.

Rob Kingwill @ King Of The Hill

“Like a fly clinging to a wall, Rob Kingwill tiptoes his way down a near-vertical spine with serious exposure to the rider’s left side. Kingwill has been visiting Alaska annually for years and has the experience and confidence to step to lines others only dream of. Kinger took second in King Of The Hill by shredding technical lines fast and with a lot of fluidity. [In the photograph on the right,] Kingwill opens it up and points it through the last half of his line.” – ESPN, Photographs by Jeff Hawe

ESPN: Kevin Jones And Rob Kingwill Are Compatriots

You know how sometimes certain phrases bug the poop out of you? “Action Sports” is one of those phrases. Somewhere along the short timeline of snowboarding becoming very well acquainted with big business, a few dudes in a meeting decided that it should be considered an action sport since it couldn’t fit into the widely accepted classification of other team athletics. Either way, we are really stoked that ESPN featured this rad story on Compatriot Snowboards and our team captains Kevin Jones and Rob Kingwill. Read more…