Kevin Jones – Back in The Day.

A rare breed of human, Kevin Jones, has forever altered the snowboard landscape with the limitless freestyle trajectory he has brought to big mountain exploration. In short, Kevin Jones is a boss. We are forever grateful for his early involvement in Compatriot Snowboards. Here’s a rad Standard Films clip from Kevin a couple years back. He’s probably out fly fishing somewhere right now, so enjoy these old clips until the snow starts flying again.

Dos Hombres : With Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones rides damned hard and has for years. His new part in “Dos Hombres” is testament to that. Thanks for keeping up inspired, Kevin. Checkout KJ’s board this year by clicking here.

Kevin Jones 2011/2012

We literally can’t keep up with all of the coverage Kevin Jones has been getting. From recent ESPN features to rumors of the insanity that will be his TB20 video part. Kevin is straight up slaying. That’s what happens when you love snowboarding as much as he does. Photos courtesy of Standard Films and Jeff Curley. Above is a sneak peek at his 2011/2012 pro model, so stay tuned…

Kevin Jones Featured In Ford Explorer Commercial

Okay, so this isn’t entirely new, but we were simply waiting for the right moment to put this up on our blog. And what better time than the middle of summer when you are dreaming/dying to get on some mountains. Stop thinking about how you’re going to sticker your board this season and kick back, relax, and watch Kevin Jones fishing the mainstream in this recent commercial for the new Ford Explorer. Kevin rules.

ESPN: Tailgate Alaska 2011

Rob Kingwill and friends discuss snowboarding in Alaska and the infamous King Of The Hill Competition.

Kevin Jones Flips Out In Triplicate

This is living proof. If Kevin Jones wants to stomp a triple backflip in the backcountry, he’s going to do it. Fortunately Willie McMillon was there to document these three beautiful revolutions. Want to give it a shot? You just need to ride KJ’s La Mosca 159 with a fresh treatment of Bluebird Wax. Read more about this photo…

A Day At Work With Kevin Jones & Guch

Kevin Jones has been logging some serious time in the backcountry this season. You’re going to freak when you see what is coming next from Mister Jones. Photos by Vernon Deck.

KJ Gets Fresh Tracks With Snowboarder Mag

Open up the February issue of Snowboarder Magazine to read Pat Bridges introduce the Kevin Jones “Fresh & Tracked” article.
And Salasnek, if you’re reading this…

Snowboard Mag: The Kevin Jones Interview

The fine folks over at Snowboard Mag recently interviewed Kevin Jones in an attempt to get inside his cranium and hopefully discover why he is so passionate about snowboarding. “Though the evidence of rock stardom against him is overwhelming — nine X Games medals, Transworld’s “Rider of the Year” three times, and an all-time catalog of video parts with Standard Films — his legacy is much more dynamic than a list of accolades.” Click here for the full story. Photo by Jeff Curley.

Kevin Jones Video

Kevin Jones has been a busy boy for the last several months. From getting profiled by Snowboard Mag to drawing new lines in the Jackson Hole backcountry, KJ has been ripping. Watch the video below for some motion picture madness. Photo by Jeff Curley.