Afterschool Bomb Drop Circa 1990 by Kelly Dee Williams

This list is comprised of our Compatriots- friends and family to the brand who we will always honor and respect for their contribution to our company and the sport of snowboarding.

Kevin Jones   Harry Kearney    Josh Warnick    Jason Troth

Matt Galina    Jake McNair    Spencer Moon     Tim Cowie

Bryce Yamasaki    Kelly Williams     Robbie Sell 

Compatriot emerged from the shadows of the corporate tyrant with a single objective: To handcraft the most durable high performance snowboards designed for riders who love the mountains and want to excel in all terrain. We are not just a company, but an organization that is devoted to snowboarders, skateboarders, outdoorsmen, and artists. Those who ride our boards are unique individuals: they are committed riders who believe that snowboarding is an enigmatic expression of soulful struggle and elegant aggression. Snowboarding is personal, and the snowboard company you support should be, too.

We Are Compatriot.  For The Love Of Snowboarding.